The WPS Rifle Sling - Something Different

The WPS Rifle Sling is the result of decades of R&D on the battlefield of Afghanistan, Iraq, and other tactical environments.

Early on in the global war on terrorism, before this huge industry blew up with a thousand options for how to customize a weapon, I just wasn’t impressed with what I was issued in the Rangers. This is why I started making my own rifle slings.

I took a section of tubular nylon, scrunched it up at one point and added a section of bungee. It had just the right amount of give so I could quickly maneuver my rifle, and when not in use it would ride perfectly out in front of me–high and snug. It didn’t knock my knees, a heated muzzle or suppressor didn’t singe my shoes, and it was already in the right place to shoulder for engagement.

I loved that sling.

Then, of course, I made some pretty terrible slings with a little too much bungee and poor placement of hardware. My gun bounced around everywhere and drove me nuts. But what this trial and error experimentation did was set me on a journey of solving a real-world battlefield problem.  As a dude who is hunting around the deserts of Afghanistan or the urban areas of Iraq, I needed a rifle sling that would hold my gun up close, high and tight. I needed to be able to walk with my hands free–to work on a casualty, go hands-on with a hostile, or do whatever else I needed to do without my rifle getting in the way. But the gun also needed to be ready for action.

Fast forward to today. We’ve finally perfected what I wanted to create a long, long time ago. I present to you The WPS Rifle Sling. It’s a game changer. This sling is the result of years of R&D on the battlefield and in other tactical environments around the world. We know it works because we’ve tested it tirelessly.

If you’re thinking “Man. That sling would be pretty cool for my agency or team,” you’re probably right. 

The Integrated Stretch and Perfect Positioning of the WPS Rifle Sling

warrior poet society rifle sling bungee

As I mentioned, a rifle sling should keep your gun high and tight and between your knees when you’re hands-free and on the move. Let me just say–if you’re using a hand to steady your gun or you’re continually adjusting its position, that defeats the point of a sling.

• Form fitting. The grade of bungee we use provides just the right amount of stretch so that it conforms to your torso–even when wearing your full kit (body armor, ammo, comms equipment, etc)–but not so much that it bounces.

• Perfectly placed. The way the sling holds the gun ensures the butt stock sits right near the pocket of my shoulder. It’s idiot-proof because it’s always right there where I need it. 

• Customizable. The harness system of the WPS Rifle Sling provides for a customized fit with easily-adjustable straps to create tension and mobility where they are needed most.

• Fast acting. The ergonomics mean more than just comfort. That stretch system enables you to be quick on the draw in a variety of tactical environments when milliseconds count. The fact that I can do a shoulder transition with a snug-fitting sling–that should blow your mind.

The WPS Rifle Sling’s Jedi Buckle

warrior poet society rifle sling jedi buckle

The importance (and coolness) of this quick-release (and -attachment) feature cannot be overstated. Rare earth magnets used in this sling allow for a new type of buckle that is much faster and easier to connect and disconnect than traditional quick-disconnects. This is a cool improvement, and also happens to be really fun. Yes, part of the appeal of the Jedi Buckle is that it is fun. #dontjudgeituntilyoutryit

And just in case you’re wondering if the Jedi Buckle will suddenly release on you, we took the sling to the gym. Even after weighting the buckle with 160 lbs, it still held. [embedyt][/embedyt] See the video for more on that. It’s very strong but releases with the flick of a finger.

The WPS Rifle Sling–in Summary

The point of a sling is to hold your gun so you don’t have to. Many shooters have a loose sling that causes the gun to hit them in the legs during movement unless they have hands on the gun. The better solution is to tighten your sling so the gun is higher and tighter to the body. Tightening the sling too much though can cause difficulty in quickly presenting your gun. Ideally, the sling holds the gun close when you don’t need to shoot, but also allows you enough free-play to present the gun when you do need it. 

  • Compatible with QD Sling Swivels for increased speed and flexibility
  • Magnetic Jedi Buckle for lightning fast attachment/detachment
  • Bungee section provides just the right amount of give to maximize comfort and mobility while maintaining stability

Check out the Warrior Poet Society Rifle Sling here.