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Duritium GT2 (Green Tip) Body Armor - ShotShop Placard

The Duritium GT2 (Green Tip) special threat body armor from ShotStop® provides more protection with less bulk (only .6” thick) and less weight than standard Level III body armor. This armor is multi-curve and multi-hit capable, plus with a 15-year warranty you’ll have protection that lasts!  It’s a no-brainer when it comes to cost of ownership. 

  • Special Threat Testing: 5.56x45mm 62 grain steel core (Green Tip), M855 A1
  • Material Type: Duritium®
  • Weight ~3.8 lbs. (1.72 kg.)
  • Thickness (+/-0.125″): 0.6 in. (1.52 cm.)
  • SIZE: 10" x 12"
  • Warranty: 15 Years


Body armor is legal to own in all 50 states, but we can not ship it to the state of Connecticut. This product is not eligible for international shipping.

Plates ship directly from the manufacturer with an estimated 4 week delivery.

Plates sold separately. This product includes one body armor plate.


All body armor sales are final. Body armor includes but is not limited to soft armor, hard armor plates and helmets. These items cannot be returned as the manufacturer loses chain of custody of the item and cannot guarantee that after we have shipped the product that the structural integrity has been maintained.

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