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HRT Tactical Hand Warmer Sleeve/Pouch for Plate Carrier

Note: This product has a 1-2 week lead time. 

The HRT Tactical Hand Warmer is perfect for keeping your hands warm on a cold day. With it’s soft shell water repellent exterior and fleece lining the hand warmer will keep your hands warm and dry. The warmer fits directly under your flap or placard system on your plate carrier. It attached via hook and loop Velcro. This design allows the user to still run a hanger pouch or Tourniquet in front or behind the hand warmer. It features an additional pocket with easy access to store additional items or place a “air activated hand warmers” to add even more heat and comfort.  The HRT Hand Warmer is the perfect design to restore dexterity in frigid conditions for maximum performance.

Backed by a Lifetime Warranty.

  • Fleece-lined
  • Shoft-Shell outer material for water repellent properties
  • Elastic cuffs for fit and comfort
  • Mesh pocket to hold air activated hand warmers

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions 

  • What are the pros and cons of hand warmers?

The pros of the tactical hand warmer include its ability to keep your hands warm and dextrous when you need them most. Cold hands mean greater difficulty articulating. In tactical and first-response scenarios where every second counts, stiff and unresponsive hands can be a potentially life-threatening problem to encounter. A con of the tactical hand warmer would typically be that it takes up real-estate on your kit that could be used for something else, however, this tactical hand warmer features a design that still allows the user to run a hanger pouch or tourniquet in front of or behind the hand warmer.

  • Can you use tactical hand warmers multiple times?

Yes, you can use the tactical hand warmer many times over. While you can combine "air activated" hand warmer pouches (sold separately) to this product for additional warmth, it is designed to increase hand temperature without any additional components due to its toasty, fleece-lined interior and water-repellent exterior.

  • How warm does the tactical hand warmer muff keep your hands warm?

While it is dependent on how extreme the temperatures you're experiencing are, the tactical hand warmer muff will effectively help regulate the temperature of your hands to normal operating temperatures, allowing you to retain the dextirity and mobility you need to effectively operate your rifle, administer aid, etc.

  • Is the tactical hand warmer sleeve detachable?

Yes, the tactical hand warmer sleeve can attach/detach from your kit easily via Velcro strip.

  • Is the tactical hand warmer machine-washable?

Yes, the tactical hand warmer is machine-washable.


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