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Pro Life Baby Feet Pin

Warrior Poets fully believe that all people have a natural right to Life and Liberty. It is therefore our sacred responsibility to protect human life wherever we might find it. It is our duty to speak out for those who cannot speak for themselves.

The pro life pin is the exact shape and size of a 10-week unborn baby's feet. By wearing this pin, you are showing your support and helping to protect the right to life.


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5 Stars
Prolife pin

These pins are very special and I will wear mine with pride. I will be ordering more to give out.

5 Stars
10 week gestation pin

I give these out whenever and wherever I can

5 Stars
Courage in a Time of Cowardice

Thank you for publicly standing up for what you believe in. The Roe v. Wade content says a lot about the integrity of this community.

5 Stars
A subtle conversation started

My wife and I love this item. We both have one and it’s more than just a product to us. We’ve been asked about our pins when we’re out of the house and it opens the door for very meaningful conversations. It has a way to create subtle attention to one of life’s greatest joys. 10/10

5 Stars
No words

As I sit here and stare at my keyboard trying to think of what to say as my review subject.... I have nothing.... I stumbled upon the pro life pin while browsing the website and looking at knives(shock right?). The pin is not just a symbol of pro life, for me, it is my unborn child. A little over 2 years ago my wife and I lost our (guess how old) 10 week old baby through miscarrage. The void has never been replaced and never will but, by wearing this pin wherever I go, I take the memory and spirit of my baby with me. That is something I never thought I could achieve. Thank you WPS for everything you do.

5 Stars
Great Cause To Support!

Pro life & pro God!

5 Stars
Support life

I love that John supports life. Both through teaching people to protect themselves and their family and protecting the life of the unborn. Good, and Godly man. Got these for all my hats and to give to my family.

5 Stars

You had me at PROLIFE!