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John Lovell EDC: Everyday Carry of the Warrior Poet

John Lovell EDC: Everyday Carry of the Warrior Poet

Mar 2nd 2018

John Lovell breaks out his Everyday Carry

I’m one for being prepared, but I’m also not living a pipe dream where I think Shredder and his Footclan are about to try to Ninja me and the family. My everyday carry (EDC) is therefore a balance of preparedness and comfort. Comfort, in my opinion has slowly become the most important fact of everyday carry that I preach.

I’ve seen it too often. People who are getting into carrying concealed get excited and load up on guns, knives, flashlights, medical, ands so on. This is awesome and I’m definitely in the preparednesss camp. Furthermore, we in the Warrior Poet Society are born protectors. This means being ready and able to defend people and offer help. The problem though is when we have too much of a good idea that slowly becomes simply TOO MUCH TO CARRY. People get loaded up, feel tacticool, and then one day not far off, stop carrying because their EDC has become so uncomfortable.

Here’s a bullet of truth: If your Everyday Carry is uncomfortable….EVENTUALLY YOU WILL STOP CARRYING IT.

Now I realize, some will indeed be disappointed that I’m not carrying around throwing stars, while others will be very upset that I carry a gun concealed as well as other nasty surprises for would-be attackers. But again, I’m managing preparedness with comfort.

Check out the video below to see a break-down of my everyday carry with commentary of why and how. Though the video is a bit old now, my list below is up to date. Thanks for being ready protectors and for supporting the Warrior Poet Society!

Whenever I’m out in public, or with my family, you can expect me to be rocking all of the above. There are days though when I’m in the office and away from people. Comfort becomes even more important to me, and so I will often opt for the minimal bulk of a subcompact pistol. Before I was carrying the Glock 43, and I loved it (my wife still carries it). I have surprised even myself lately though by carrying the Sig365. Why I don’t like is the different grip angle from the Glocks I usually sport. The added round capacity though (4 extra rounds in the same size gun) eventually won me over.

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