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The Low Profile EDC Belt is a great choice if you want a super small and slim buckle and works really well for AIWB appendix carry! This option is to be worn as an EveryDay belt, not a part of a Double Belt Rig. 

Best Low Profile EDC Gun Belt: Everyday Carry Nylon Tactical Belt

Made In USA

The WPS EDC belts feature two layers of top-notch 1.5" nylon webbing meticulously sewn together using matching color bonded nylon thread, resulting in an exceptionally robust and rigid belt that not only performs with strength but also looks great. Tailored to individual pant sizes, these belts accommodate the flexibility of your waistline and provide the additional space required for comfortable IWB daily carry. Each everyday carry belt is proudly made in the USA, reflecting our commitment to quality and craftsmanship.

Sizing Note: Order your belt according to the pants size you typically wear for an accurate fit, no need to order a larger size for an outer belt, it has been factored in. Our EDC belts are ingeniously designed to work +1 and -1 size, for example a 34 belt will also fit 32 and 36. If you find yourself caught between two sizes or uncertain about which to choose, we recommend the larger size. There is a Size Chart in the photos for your convenience. Belts are made to order, ensuring a personalized touch to meet your specifications.

Nylon Belts are made to order. Please allow 1-2 weeks from the purchase date for order processing, creation, and fulfillment. Orders with multiple items may be sent in separate shipments depending on availability. Thank you for supporting small business. 

For all Tactical Belt Returns & Exchanges(excluding Nexbelt products): Please fill out this form in order to process any order cancellations, returns, or exchanges regarding all belts. Sizing exchanges are completely free in the US for the first 30 days!


FAQ's for Low Profile EDC Belt

  1. How long will it take to receive my belt? 1-2 weeks.
  2. Can I use this as an inner belt? Since this low profile gun belt does not have any Velcro on the outside, you cannot use this as an inner belt for a MOLLE rig.

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5 Stars
Excellent belt and customer service!

The belt is perfect and great quality! But what made me decide to leave a review was the even better customer service! I ordered the wrong size the first time. The return process was quick and easy and I had the new size belt within a week. I can't say enough about how professional and easy their customer service is!

5 Stars
EDC Low profile belt

Great belt, I have found it comfortable and functional

5 Stars
Best EDC Belt

I was pretty skeptical when I first received the belt. From the way it initially looked I wasn't sure it was worth the price I paid for the belt. However after wearing it for the first time it has become my every day belt and has replaced all my other belts. It is extremely sturdy and what I love most is how easy it is to adjust during the day with the velcro. I love this belt and would recommend it to anyone.

5 Stars
Amazingly simple

This is my new favorite CCW belt. Been using Kore Essentials for a while now, but when I switched to AIW carry the bi metal buckle immediately became a problem. The buckle on this belt is so low profile that you can pretty much put it anywhere you want along your beltline comfortably. Hard to complain about that.

5 Stars
About time

Been using Nextbelt which is a great belt but I have a belly and there times that the stiffness digs in With this Belt it solves a lot of problem area For a bigger man

5 Stars
Great Low Profile Belt

Really good value and I like the low profile. It's great for casual days.

5 Stars
Really Amazed

I have a Nextbelt Supreme ratchet style belt that I've been wearing and it does great, but I wanted to try this one as well. I knew this belt was going to be amazing as soon as I put it on. Great comfort and so low profile. Love the lifetime warranty as well!

5 Stars
Edc belt

Belt is very comfortable and supports my edc well will be ordering another soon

5 Stars
Low profile edc belt

Outstanding belt well made and sturdy but comfortable. Like the minimal buckle

5 Stars
Number 1

I initially bought a core essential belt. Love the quality, but i need to keep the “buckle” in the front. If I put it on the side, it digs into my hip. This is perfect. I love It I love it I LOVE IT! Will wear this forever and will buy another when/if it eventually wears out! Also, Big fan of john and WPS so it felt great supporting.

5 Stars
The first 5 minutes...

I pretty much knew instantly that this was the belt that I needed and had been looking for as soon as I put it on. I had previously watched John's video and read all of the reviews before ordering (thanks to all of you, they were all helpful). I have entirely abandoned my flimsy single piece nylon belt since getting this one. I also recently had that moment where the belt and my holster combo were so comfortable, that I couldn't feel it and had to check that it was all still there. Such a great belt. I keep bugging my buddies to get one.

5 Stars
Incredible Belt.

Been wearing mine for 2 years or so and I could not be happier. Rugged and comfortable while looking nice to boot. I cannot recommend this belt enough.

5 Stars
Low profile EDC

Outstanding belt! I can wear two pistols, clinch pick, two mags, super comfortable low profile, no issues what so ever,

5 Stars
Just get one

As a fellow with some extra tactical weight to throw around (and I mean before my gear) this is the best belt I've put on and not one of the most expensive. I thought I had good belts with leather from different companies and all had the same problems. To much flex so you pull them tighter. Stretch over the course of a hot sweaty work day. Or just needing a hole between what's there . Not this thing . You throw a pair of heavy Duluth pants on the floor and this thing holds the waist open like your still in them . Will be ordering again

5 Stars
Great EDC Belt

I have been using this belt for several weeks now and it is time for a well-tested and therefore a fair review. The Good: It is lightweight, easy to adjust, and sturdy enough to handle a Springfield XDM Elite with a 5.25" barrel, red dot, Surefire x300u light, and spare 22 round 9mm magazine inside a Havok Holsters appendix carry holster with absolutely no sag (it's not exactly a lightweight combination). I love that the belt came with a small strip of loop side velcro. I keep the small strip in the end pocket of my gym duffel bag and it makes it easy to roll the belt up and store it in the pocket while working out. The narrow plastic loop is perfect for fitting between the two clips of an appendix holster that holds an extra magazine. The Bad: The closest things to a bad quality are all in the wearer, not the belt. Adjusting to a new style of belt may have caused a fearful moment or two when first in urgent bathroom situations, if you're picking up what I'm putting down. The other thing is just getting used to adjusting it properly, so that none of the velcro rubs on my side fat (I'm working on it, don't judge me). The Ugly: All things considered, if there is anything ugly about it, it could just be the wearer. There is absolutely nothing bad about this belt. Seriously sturdy enough for a very heavy load and looks great, even if not carrying a firearm. It also worked great on Thanksgiving, when I had to loosen it just a tad after dinner.

5 Stars
Low profile EDC belt

Nice belt , well worth the money, as John said, I can crank down the belt holds my weapon and knife including the pants, no issues

5 Stars
The Goldilocks Belt

The perfect EDC belt. Sturdy enough to conceal without feeling like you're wearing a hula hoop around your waist, and not so flexible it feels like a wet noodle.

5 Stars
Nickel free

I am allergic to nickel and am not very skinny. Iv struggled to find a belt that doesn’t have a metal buckle and rub up agains me when I’m sitting. This belts Velcro does not go up to the edge of the belt so there is no irritation to the skin. It’s very simple and practical im a huge fan of it.

5 Stars
Low profile etc belt

This is the second belt I have bought from WPS and it is nothing but quality I would recommend this belt for edc or just for comfort because not only is it sturdy enough to hold a glock 43x but it is ten times more comfortable than a leather belt even without a gun. I will continue to buy high quality products from WPS because I feel that he has the gun owner and Christian mentality as a major part of the company.

5 Stars
Banging Belt!

So I’ve tried a lot of belts in life, from my time in service to the civilian world. I’ve even owned a blue alpha which didn’t really meet my expectations for EDC finally settling on a Groove Life belt that is magnetic and has some stretch, I bought this on a whim after watching the video, and I have to say this is by far the best belt I’ve owned. For an EDC belt has the same grade as any other Blue Alpha but the low pro buckle and the Velcro make it even better especially since my weight fluctuates the ability to loosen and tighten as needed when carrying to like in the video you eat a big dinner and need to give your bloated self some spare room, this belt is legit. Awesome belt, I love it, and as long as WPS is around this is the belt I’ll be going to and advising friends to get as well.

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