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WPS Rogue EDC Belt Black - Nexbelt


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WPS Rogue EDC Leather Gun Belt - Nexbelt

The Rogue EDC Belt is designed for seamless integration, ensuring you blend in effortlessly. It not only maintains a discreet appearance but also provides the comfort often missing in traditional belts. The EDC Rogue excels in construction details, employing stainless steel fasteners instead of pins (Patent Pending). As an extra measure, the clasp features backup set screws, enhancing confidence in concealed carry with a stronger and more reliable hold.


  • Distressed nickel buckle with a knurled tip adds a rugged and textured touch
  • Sleek, smooth black leather with a nylon backing for sweat resistence
  • PreciseFit™ ratchet belt
  • Fits up to 50" waist
  • Buckle size 1 7/8" x 3" – Belt strap width is 1 1/2"

Sizing Instructions:

  • Turn the belt over to the backside and use our easy scaling system to find your pant size. (US PAT. Number 10,966,489 B2)
  • Add 2” to your pant size, and using scissors, cut along the dotted line.

Note: We recommend that you add 3 - 4 inches to your pant size before cutting. You can always trim farther down if needed

Finding Your Fit

Traditional belts rely on spaced-out holes, usually 1 inch apart. In contrast, a ratchet belt secures with a buckle that locks onto the closely spaced teeth of the belt. This design offers greater flexibility and accommodates "in-between" sizes. For a Nexbelt Ratchet belt, the process involves:

Find your pant size
- Add a couple of inches, then cut.
- Slide the strap into the buckle clasp.

Why It's Important to Find the Perfect Belt

Historically, belts have had established and recommended ways of being worn, influenced by factors like gender and dominant hand. Understanding the appropriate orientation for wearing a belt can guide your choice of belt type and buckle, ensuring they align seamlessly with your needs.

Ratchet Belts

A Ratchet Belt is a type of balet belt that doesn't feature traditional belt holes; instead, it utilizes a ratchet system. The belt locks securely into place by engaging with the interior of the buckle. These belts typically employ a latch within the buckle, securing onto the teeth of the belt to keep it in position. Unlike traditional belts with fixed holes, a Ratchet Belt enables more precise sizing adjustments for a better fit.


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