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This is only the cooking grate for the Ocatgon Firebox. To buy the Octagon Firebox itself, click here.

Slotted grate top is perfect for steak, sausage, burgers, chicken, or 1 (one) Alaskan Moose. 

Covers exactly HALF of the firebox. Buy one to cover half, two to cover the entire top.  Mix and match skillets and grates for the ultimate cooking experience.  


  • Grate includes built-in handles for easy setup and install 
  • Made from ¼” Mild Steel 
  • 19 pounds per grate  
  • Must be cleaned prior and after EACH use 
  • We recommend storing indoors to avoid rusting or oil before each use with vegetable oil 
  • Grate is hot when in use. Allow to fully cool before handling 
  • Ships unpainted 

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