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If you've ever been at the beach, hiking in the wilderness, or even in your own backyard, you have probably looked at the ground and thought, "You know what, I'd like to put a fire right here." Here at Warrior Poet Society, we celebrate humanity's great love of fire with the WPS Octagon - Firebox. This beauty is made with 3/16" Mild Steel and gives you the ability to safely make a fire on whatever non-flammable surface you'd like. It is portable, a breeze to set up, and boasts the ability to become a cooking surface with our optional skillets and grates


  • Made from 3/16” Mild Steel on all sides, nearly double what most fireboxes are made from 
  • Sides interlock easily without tools 
  • Weighs approximately 60 pounds without grates 
  • Octagon Firebox must be used in areas where fire can contact the ground. Not recommended for patios.  
  • Octagon Firebox can be left outside or taken apart after cooling and stored indoors. Ships unpainted. Either let it patina or paint it with high temp paint of your choosing.
  • Fireboxes are hot when in use. ALWAYS USE CAUTION  
  • We recommend storing indoors to avoid rusting or oil before each use with vegetable oil or paint before first use with high temp black spray paint (or whatever color you like)


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