John Lovell's EDC for 2023

by Warrior Poet Society

Tweaking and refining your Everyday Carry is a wise exercise on occasion as skills and needs change, technologies improve, and circumstances require up- or down-regulation of your tactical preparedness. John walks us through his EDC this year.

I wanted to talk briefly about what's changed and what hasn't with my Everyday Carry this year as we roll through the months of 2023. Many of these are on our website, because when I've tested something and I like using it, I like to make it available on our store.

Sunglasses. Gargoyles & Gatorz. These are still my tried and true brand of shades because, of course, they keep the UV rays out and the occasional projectile. While these impact rated sunglasses are most certainly not bulletproof, they are impact rated and could potentially save my life. So why not? And they just look cool.

Watch. Garmin Fenix 6. The sapphire crystal face on the Fenix 6 is seriously scratch resistant. I've taken it through a lot of stuff and it's as smooth as the day I bought it. Plus, it has GPS and I'm a big fan of having land navigation capabilities on my wrist.

Knives. The Nero and the Fox Folder. I carry two knives–the Nero and the Fox Folder. The Nero is like carrying a short samurai switchblade. I didn't know I would like this knife as much as I actually do. It's named Nero because that's Italian for "black" and this is a black knife. The Fox Folder, my favorite defensive knife, is a tactical knife designed for quick deployment and punching to create distance from attackers.

Key Chain. Warrior Poet Key Lanyard I probably carry as many keys as a janitor and I like having an easy-grab way to keep my keys on hand. That's why I attach the Warrior Poet Key Lanyard to my key rings.

Wallet. Card Holder My wallet is a very simple card holder that holds credit cards, some cash, and, of course, my man card.

Writing Instrument. WPS Tactical Pen. My trusty pen doubles as a defensive tool that I can place with my other pens and usually go through TSA without a problem. When I'm traveling or abroad, I like having this with me.

Flashlight. Surefire Stiletto. When it comes to comfort in my pocket, reliability, and power (1000 lumens), The Stiletto is still my favorite. And it's USB rechargeable, so I don't have to keep purchasing expensive batteries.

My Gun. Shadow Systems War Poet CR920. My favorite everyday carry gun is now the WarPoet CR920 made by Shadow Systems. It comes equipped with a Holosun 507K optic and a minimum of 10 + 1, and with the right holster it's comfortable and very concealable.

Holster. Tier 1 I carry the CR920 in a Tier 1 holster–either the minimalist version or with extra magazine capacity. Both are very comfortable and good for concealment. Of course they're quick on the draw, too.

Ammo. Defiant Munitions 9mm Luger 115 gr +P TCX (Total Copper X-panding). These are my favorite right now because the ballistics suggest superior penetration and expansion and, therefore, stopping power. (You use code WARPOET23 at checkout for 10% off at their website here)

Belt. Nexbelt Supreme Appendix. If you're carrying a good gun in a good holster, you need to have a good platform. That's where your belt comes in. The Supreme Appendix ratchets for a snug fit and will loosen with the touch of a button.

EDC Pack. Vertx Ready Pack Made with all the right materials, ergonomics, and storage compartments, the Vertx Ready Pack has been my go-to for years. Plus, it has a really cool secret compartment where I keep my suppressed .22 pistol.

Medical. IFAK and EDC Ankle Medical. Our EDC Ankle Medical is pretty much what I've carried around for years so I'm ready for minor injuries and for trauma care in the field. I've recently added glucose paste to mine for diabetic patients and a CPR mask.

Footwear. Salomon XA Forces Midrise Boots. I can't find anything better than my Salomon midrise boots. They're super comfortable, durable, and versatile.

Know-How. Train Hard Train Smart. Of course, I can't stress enough the importance of knowing how to use the tools you have. The knowledge and skills are probably your most important EDC. Without the tactical know-how and muscle memory for responding in tactical situations, all the EDC gadgets in the world will do you no good. So get good training and good practice with the tools you carry.

Train Hard. Train Smart. Your EDC is Only As Good As You Are.