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Hand grenades are pretty cool. So are pocket knives. We took this line of thinking to the next sensible plane - combining the beautifully gridded grip of a pineapple grenade with the pinnacle of Italian blade smithing. And thus, The Grenade emerged from this convergence. 440J2B stainless black Teflon® coated blade with dual thumb studs. Is it a knife? Is it a grenade? Does anyone really know?*

*Yes. This knife is a knife and will not actually explode. 


  • Blade Length: 3-5/8"
  • Handle Length: 4-5/8"
  • Steel: 440J2B stainless black Teflon coated
  • Grip: Forprene handles with "grenade" block design
  • Weight: 0.3lbs
  • Stainless black coated pocket clip
  • Made in Italy

Also available in Gray/Red.


(Our knives do not ship outside the United States, we apologize for any inconvenience)

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5 Stars
The Grenade

This knife is f***ing awesome. It's an excellent EDC carry knife, not only for defensive/offensive purposes, but for utility as well, a basic criteria that most EDC knives should fulfill. When I received it, it came razor sharp. In addition, the serrated portions of the blade were terrifyingly sharp. A light brush, less than half a pound of pressure, against a callous on my palm, I could see them actually cutting into it like it was butter. Using it for utility work, the most simply of tasks such as cutting up boxes, paracord, tape, etc. I haven't had to resharpen it. So, maintenance is pretty easy, other than making sure the blade and mechanism is cleaned of whatever residue or other gunk is on or in it. Just cleaning the inside of the handle of and pivot point of pocket lint is the most common task I do. The locking mechanism is a simple liner lock, but, I was glad to see the addition of a locking latch/plate that sits at the tip of the handle, and just behind the thumb studs on the knife itself when it is fully locked. So, it's easy to engage in a pinch. The deployment of the knife, unfortunately, does not have a flipper, so it's not assisted open, because it would get in the way of the locking mechanism. Instead, the knife has simple thumb studs. They don't work with the flicking technique like other knives, but the wrist flick is effortless when deploying it. The "grenade" pattern on the handle feels really nice and does the knife a great looking aesthetic. It offers enough additional grip, but is not has aggressive like other knives, such as the FOX Folder. It doesn't have the knurling feel like you see on the FOX Folder or barbells. I like the more aggressive feel on my knife grips/handles, but the ergonomics and length of the handle on the Grenade make up for it. That's where all of this comes together, the feel of this knife is fantastic. The length of the blade and handle make it feel incredibly balanced to hold and work with. You look at it and you know it's a knife, but it feels like a sword. You feel like you can hack with this blade like a machete, and get away with it. Feel free to use that quote. Overall, great knife that I feel is fairly priced for what you are getting.

5 Stars
Grenade knife (black/red)

Very nice knife. Well crafted. Solid. Feels good in the hand. It includes an extra small lever to lock it open, which is engaged/disengaged with the thumb. Nice touch. And it’s razor sharp.