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Dr. Krankenwagen's Mystery Box!

Suprise Suprise.




All sales final as is. 

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5 Stars
Great surprise

Couldn't believe when I opened the box to find a original mint condition MG42 machine gun inside.

5 Stars
Great investment

I bought two of these. With the initial items that arrived, I was able to open up my own Ace Hardware, and have flourished ever since.

5 Stars
Wish I could get 3

Crazy they can sell this for such a low price , I know it seems expensive but not for what you receive. Note in the box said not to spoil the surprise but trust me it’s worth every penny. Saving up to buy again soon !!!!

5 Stars
Mystery Box

Worth every penny! Unfortunately my wife divorced me when she found out the price. Now I have to live in the box.

5 Stars

Top notch American Made quality! Journey level craftsmen have spent many hours creating a masterpiece not often seen these days. A sincere "Thank You"!

5 Stars
Dr. Krankenwagen

Completely underpriced. They really don’t know what they have

5 Stars
Worth Every Penny!

Sold my Tesla and bought 5 of these! Best investment I've made!

5 Stars

amazing...saving up for a second one.

5 Stars

Everything I ever dreamed of... and so much more!

5 Stars
High Quality