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Zeus U.S.A. Groove Ring

After 3 years of research, the Zeus ring has arrived. Zeus is 3 rings
fused into 1-the ultra-durable outer band, a patented nylon band
concealed inside that does not allow the ring to stretch but still breaks,
and the most breathable inner band Groove has ever created.

The Zeus ring is for the warrior, the fighter, the man that pushes every
part of life to the limit. Love silicone rings but miss the form and rigid
strength of your metal ring? The Zeus Anti-Stretch inner-molded band
adds form and rigidity to the medical grade silicone. Replace your
metal ring today with our step-edge design and never look back.


ALL Groove Rings® come with a NO BS 94 YEAR WARRANTY. Cut it, stretch it, lose it, no problem. We replace it.




  • Anti-Stretch Tech: Engineered inner-band keeps ring's shape and prevents ring from stretching, while designed to break safely.
  • Max Breathability: Inner Grooves allow air in and moisture out with a specifically designed contour to give you maximum breathability and performance.
  • Premium Materials: Perfect design with unique medical-grade materials for undeniable quality beyond any silicone ring that came before. In a class of its own.
  • Anti-Hipster: No beard combs or man buns allowed. The Society Groove Ring® keeps you high on confidence and short on the oversized beanies when it's 90 degrees outside...


  • Men's Ring Width: 9mm or 3/8"
  • Men's Ring Thickness: 3mm or 1/8"
  • Women's Ring Width: 5.5mm or 3/16" 
  • Women's Ring Thickness: 2mm or 3/32"



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