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Our friends at Groove Life are our kind of people. Rough and rugged, but they know how to have fun. Oh, and they also make some pretty incredible products.

We're offering two of our favorite products, the Groove Belt (as worn by part-time trainer and full-time Battle Gnome Paul Perkerson) and the Groove Ring, the silicone ring that started it all for Groove Life. We're topping it all off with a Society Wristband.

Here's one of the best parts - all of Groove Life's products come with a 94 year warranty. Pretty Groovey, huh? Get the bundle and save big. 

Included in The Groove Combo

  • Society Groove Belt - Discrete
    • Space-Tech: Between proprietary webbing, rare earth neodymium magnets and A380 aluminum alloy buckle, you will basically be an astronaut.
    • Stiff-Tech: This belt is gonna stay on you like the bad tattoo from your last metal show in 1998 and not lose its form.
    • Anti-Flap: Groove designed the end to neatly tuck behind the belt. For the occasional rogue fly away, there is a secure keeper loop.
    • Snap-Tech: The correct term is neodymium magnets but we like to say Strong as Hell. Just listen to that SNAP. If you have an ASMR fetish, try to hold it together. These bad boys snap and latch instantly.
    • Ready for Action: In those moments where you need a quick release… we’ve got you covered.
    • Belt fits up to 50" waist. 
  • Society Groove Ring
    • Anti-Stretch Tech: Engineered inner-band keeps ring's shape and prevents ring from stretching, while designed to break safely.
    • Max Breathability: Inner Grooves allow air in and moisture out with a specifically designed contour to give you maximum breathability and performance.
    • Premium Materials: Perfect design with unique medical-grade materials for undeniable quality beyond any silicone ring that came before. In a class of its own.
    • Anti-Hipster: No beard combs or man buns allowed. The Society Groove Ring® keeps you high on confidence and short on the oversized beanies when it's 90 degrees outside...
  • Society Wristband - Red/Black
    • Deep color coats
    • Warrior Poet Society logo etched on one side
    • Unisex 0.5 inch thick, adult size silicone wristband
    • Made in the U.S.A

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