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The S.A.M. - Seriously Awesome MultiTool

Sure, your current overpriced multitool gets the job done. But sometimes you want a ruggedized device that's engineered to not only fix things on the fly, but to save you some big bucks in the process.

We've found that a more expensive tool can often mean more reluctance to really put it through the paces out in the field.

No longer will this be the case with the arrival of the S.A.M. - not just a Seriously Awesome MultiTool, but a budget-friendly EDC solution that can go everywhere you do. 



  • Length - 16.5cm
  • Handle Length - 10.4cm
  • Material & Finishing - 2CR13 Stainless Steel/Sandblasted


  • Philip's Head - PH1/PH2/PH3
  • Flat Head - #3/#5/#7
  • Torx Head - T6/T8/T15
  • Socket Drive - H1/4

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5 Stars
Great Multitool!

So far, so good. Seems very well built. I've come to trust the products sold here. So far, they've been 100% on point. I figured this would be the case with this tool. I've been wanting a multi-tool, but afraid to buy a "good" one because of the cost. I'm really glad I bought this one. I only wish the holder was a bit nicer.